AUTO FILTER for Ballast water

Ballast water


  • When BWMS operates at high turbidity and pollution water condition, the solution of decreasing filtering should be cleaning element consistently contain and also durability excellence
  • When the ship are maximum load line by cargo loading, It possible for back-washing to overboard by high pressure and quick speed water of pump smoothly (For example other makers, if the position ofload line is lower than sea level, back-washing water not be discharged overboard and the effect will be lowered by back pressure)
  • Increases the effectiveness of system and contributes to smooth operation
  • Cleaning

    Back washing done by pump more effective back washing because of high pressure
    (3 Patents: incl. No.10-1054236)

  • The function of pump

    Provide high pressure for effective back washing drain water out of vessels after filtering

  • Durability

    Excellent restoration function by effective back washing

  • Turbid and polluted sea area

    Good performance