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  • Wire Dia. For metallic is 0.122-0.254mm and plastic yarn is 0.3mm, We also knit combined mesh with metallic, PP, PE,Nylon, Glass fiber, Cotton, Teflon. Style and material are selected based upon our engineering result, previous experience or sample furnished by the purchaser correct selection of the style and material are important for good performance and long life of the Demister pads.


  • DE-80 : Low cost mesh pad good for high through put capacity and solid retention. Used for good separation efficiency with viscous or dirty liquids and permits higher vapor velocities. Used in 6" thickness minimum.
  • DE-144 : For general purpose and all around use and has 98-99% removal efficiency against 5-8 micron mist at 1-4 m/sec velocity. Used in 4-6 inches thickness or thicker for better efficiency.
  • DE-193 : Practical and standard style and most popularly used for heavy duty and high efficiency. Removes 98-99% at 1-3.5m/sec velocity. Thickness recommended is as same as DE-144 style.
  • DE-220 : Used for removing fine particles as much as 1-3 micron mist or wet dust. Especially good for where the entertainmentis 1.0 g/m3 or less. Used in 8-10 inches thick or thicker for better efficiency.
  • DE-432 : Used for removing the fine particles mist as under 0.8-1 micron in greatness. Brings higher performance efficiency than DE-220 style. Recommended thickness is as same as the DE-220 style.